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Umm, can’t read that…

This afternoon I was out taking pictures with three cameras that are next in line for review. I arrived at an overpass above San Jose Ave. What did I notice in the sky, but five airplanes writing something in the sky. The problem was, by the time I figured out what they were writing — [some web address]: Go Configure — I couldn’t read what the URL was. Maybe someone else who saw it knows. The whole thing seemed like big waste of money to me.

House visit

I went out to Brentwood to check on my future home. As it turns out, it’s still just dirt. But very wet dirt. Read the June 28th house update for all the details.
Below is the same house as mine, but at the other end of the block.

Okay, I get the hint!

On my way to Brentwood today, I was stuck behind a VERY slow truck on Vasco Road (Livermore). In fact, this truck was so slow, that as soon as the passing lane appeared, a cop pulled him over.

So naturally I was very excited to be away from the truck, so I was speeding along, still on Vasco Rd. What did I notice approaching me? Another CHP cruiser! I hit the brakes to get closer to the 55mph speed limit (I was probably doing 75) and I had a scary moment as the cop turned on his lights… I thought for sure he was going to turn around and get me. But he turned them off and kept going. I guess that was my one warning.

Stop that man!

To the bike messenger riding down Castro St. wearing only his underwear: Please don’t.

It is very hot

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