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The same tropical system that brought the short thunderstorm to SF last night (and some muggy air during the day) has put some really cool clouds in the sky. Not the typical low clouds and fog that you usually see around here.

Speaking of hiding under the bed

A rare San Francisco thunderstorm rolled through last night at around 3am. It must’ve been directly overhead, as the delay between the lightning and thunder was very short. After the initial wakeup shock (no pun intended), things quieted down very quickly, so it was back to sleep.

It must be Tuesday

One thing I’ve gotten used to over the last two+ years of working from home is the weekly test of the air raid siren. Every Tuesday, at noon, on the dot. You could set your watch by it.
When I first hear the siren, the first thing I do is check the time. I think I’d probably go hide under the bed if I heard it at any other time, on any other day of the week.

Happy B-day Amit

Today is Amit’s 27th birthday. Last night we celebrated at El Mansour, a Moroccan restaurant in SF. Luckily for Amit, I wasn’t able to get a picture of him dancing with the belly dancer. (However, I now have great blackmail material on his older brother.)


Today, the folks and I drove out to the 103° heat of Brentwood to check on the progress of my house. While there was no vertical construction, the foundation is done, and framing should begin soon. Read on…