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Spam subject of the week

“The world’s best porn-to-porn software”
Now that’s what I call P2P!
In other news, the mortage people are having trouble getting my loan approved. Being self-employed is a real curse for this kind of stuff. I’ll still get a loan… just at a higher rate that I anticipated.

About Me page updated

The other day I realised that my “about me” page was horribly outdated. I think it was originally written in the late nineties. Feeling inspired, last night I sat down and started from scratch. I can’t say that it’s an exciting read, but you’ll probably know more about me than you ever wanted to.

House call

Went out to see the house today, and while I was disappointed to see little change outside, there was big differences inside. Check out my latest update!
I should add that my new 15-30mm lens came in really handy on this trip.
Edit: I forgot to mention the heat out there. You know that when it’s hot in SF, it’s going to be really hot in Brentwood. And I was not disappointed — it was 103.
Another thing I forgot: a new Kaiser clinic opened up right near the house, making doctors visits a piece of cake. They’re eventually going to build a full hospital there, but I will hopefully be living somewhere more exciting by then.

Conservatory of Flowers reopens

I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.

First and last flight on JetBlue?

Earlier this year, I flew on JetBlue Airways to go to Amit’s wedding. It was a good experience, and I loved being able to watch live TV instead of looking out the window, or reading the SkyMall catalog (though I love that bug catcher thing).
But, after reading that JetBlue violated their own privacy policy and gave information on over 1 million of their customers to a government contractor, I think that will be my only trip on their airline. I don’t know if they figured that word would never get out about this, but it’s definitely a PR nightmare now. While I realize that the government is going to start looking closer at air travelers, I think this blatant disregard of the privacy of their customers is pretty disgusting.