But it sure is tasty, in limited quantities. It may very well be the finest seasonal candy, next to Peeps of course. Yes, I like Peeps. Apparently I’m the only one, as everyone else thinks I’m crazy.
In other news, I heard from three different people regarding my mortgage today. I was very stressed about not hearing from them, so I called the assistant to the loan person at KB. Told him I was nervous and that I had not heard from anyone, even though I was supposed to lock things in on Wednesday. He reassured me that everything was okay. He went on to call his boss, as well as the salesperson at the development, since the both called me. The loan lady said that I was approved and they were just dealing with a few bureaucratic issues. The saleswoman told me not to worry at all, everything would be fine. She also said that I’ll probably be doing my final walkthrough in the last week of October… and I’ll have my keys a week or so later if all is well.