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DCRP year-end summary

Total hits: 757,555,574
Page views: 36,305,473
Visitors: 12,942,219
Data transferred: 14.7 terabytes
Web hosting costs: $23,000 (and that’s with my discount!)
All-in-all, a pretty darn good year. I remember back when I wanted to scrap the site because it wasn’t doing well.
I know 2004 will be even better. Happy new year!!

Angels Camp

Today I went up to Angels Camp, in the Sierra Foothills. This is an old mining town that looks like its still stuck in the 19th century. If you know anything about Mark Twain or Calaveras County, then you know why this city is famous. Here’s a hint:

It’s about 80 miles to Angels Camp, and it goes up quickly from there. We saw some snow, but not enough to really play around in.


Getting mentioned on the home page of is the closest I’ve been to being “slashdotted”. That news link sent 25,000 people in one day to my review of the Sony DSC-F828. My server was busy all day, but never crashed (for $600/month, it better not). I’ve very grateful to Phil Askey for plugs like this, and for the good feedback I received thus far from those who read the whole review. I was a little worried (see yesterday’s note) but so far, so good.

What’s going on here?

After three years with no homicides, Brentwood has had two murders in two months. At least this one was across town, instead of down the street like the last one.

Nobody likes being the first

These days, I’m not a fan of writing reviews of highly-anticipated digital cameras. And I really don’t like being the first one to review them. Some people are so loyal to their brand that you get raked over the coals if you say anything remotely negative. I know you’re not supposed to take these things personally, but it’s getting harder to ignore the personal insults that arrive in your e-mail box. This last happened about two months ago… and I fear that it may happen again this week. Sometimes I want to just write fluff reviews like the camera magazines…. but the advertisers don’t pay me enough for that.