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Remember this

You know those plastic things with the spikes on the bottom that you have in your office floor, so your chair is easy to move, and your carpet doesn’t get messed up? Try to avoid walking on those while they’re upside down. My poor feet! In my defense, the lights were off and I was tired.

Bay Area housing nightmare

This article describes exactly why I’m 50 miles away from San Francisco, and how hard it is for people even making over six figures to buy a house around here.

Crunch time

I arrived home today to find three boxes at my doorstep. Two of them had unannounced 8 Megapixel cameras in them, while the other was a compact Minolta camera that I finally get to review.
The first pre-PMA camera announcement is just 40 minutes away. Looks like my month of R&R is over.

Why Macs are cool — reason # 303631

Netflix Freak. Manage your Netflix queue (and more) without having to deal with their cruddy site (talk about a bad redesign!).
Dunno where it got those ratings, though. I haven’t seen any of those movies yet!

Crunch (times four)

In the span of about 1/4 mile, I almost ran over four squirrels — one after the other. The last one was a close call — I swerved to avoid him. I’m not going to wreck my car to save a squirrel… but I’ll do what I can… they’re kind of cute.