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Marsh Creek Trail, part 1

A few weeks ago I mentioned a walk I took on the Marsh Creek Trail, which runs from Brentwood to the delta. Today I took a 90 minute walk on the northern portion and have some pictures to share. I’ll do the same for the central portion soon.

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RIP Cupcake, 1984 – 2004

Cupcake (AKA “big kitty”), the family cat for almost 20 years had to be put to sleep today. A few weeks ago I noticed that her lower lip looked funny. Then she stopped eating. My dad took her to vet, who found a tumor under her tongue. Either way, her outlook wasn’t good (and she may have been in pain), so she was euthanized.
She wasn’t the most friendly cat — I think Maine Coons are that way. But she’s been around for 20 years of my life and was definitely part of the family. We basically grew up together, and she will be missed. I hope she’s found peace at the great litterbox in the sky.

Just what we needed

There are TWO new Starbucks opening in Brentwood in the next month. There’s already two in town and two more just across the “border” in Antioch. Why does a city of 33,000 people need six Starbucks? How about someplace to eat instead?


You’d think that with a 20mph seabreeze that it wouldn’t still be 91 degrees. Well, it is (at 6pm).
In other news, I’ve been completely unmotivated today. Can’t seem to get any work done. Bah.
Edit: Now the breeze is cooling things down… down to 80 at 7:23pm. Much better.

There goes that new car

I’ve lost two longtime advertisers to the DCRP in the last month. These two companies made up more than 1/3 of my income, and with rising costs, I’m starting to get a little nervous.