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Wedding bells

No, not for me. This weekend my sister is getting married. Right now I’m in the SFO airport waiting for my flight to Santa Barbara. The whole engagement thing was a bit of a shock 8 months ago… it just seemed so sudden. The time since then has passed by very quickly, probably since I was preoccupied with other things (read: health) for part of that time. But Sunday is the big day. I’m a groomsman and have a few responsiblities like being an usher and putting up balloons. I’m happy for my sister but also wonder if our relationship will change once she’s married. Perhaps it already has… and I know her relationship with my mom isn’t the same anymore, now that she’s found someone else to share her feelings with. It’s weird seeing your little sister get married… to me that’s still how I see her: as my little sister, not as a married woman. I imagine that will change shortly.


I got one of those fancy carpet cleaner vacuums and it does a great job of cleaning my 8 month old carpet. The worst part is when you pour out the “dirty water” into the sink. The amount of dirt in my carpets is amazing.

Not such a great farmer after all

Something is eating my fruit. My asian pear tree seems to have an ant infestation, though I never knew that they ate pears. My grapes are disappearing off the plant which probably means that they’re ripe and squirrels/birds are eating them. Once the sun goes down and the wasps are out of the plants I’ll go cut the grapes off and bring them inside.

Mysteries of life

Why, when something falls, does it always land butter-side-down?

A little boo-boo on today?

All this time I thought CNN was part of the liberal media establishment!