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God help us (pun intended)

I can’t believe what I just read:
Alec Baldwin’s younger brother Stephen is throwing his support behind President George W. Bush in the forthcoming presidential election, because his country’s leader is “being led by God.”
The former liberal and now born-again Christian is attending the Republican National Convention in New York to cheer on the current president, who he believes has more faith than Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry.
Baldwin tells Page Six, “I’m there to support the man I believe has the most faith.
“That’s who I’m voting for. I believe the next president should be a guy who is being led by God.

Attention people of the U.S.: we should not pick our President based on his faith! I won’t preach about my dislike for our current leader, but please — vote on the issues, or at least along party lines!

Yeah, what he said

This article at Digital Photography Review sound familiar? I’ve been complaining about the site he discusses plus another one for well over a year. We just can’t seem to stop these guys from stealing from us… it’s not work the legal cost of going after them, but boy would I like to see them out of business.
Update: Phil’s trick worked and got them to take down the stolen content! He also removed the article that I linked to above.

Mrs. Butterworth

Am I the only one disturbed by the idea of pouring syrup out of the top of some old woman’s head? It is pretty tasty stuff (even though it’s hardly authentic) but the concept bothers me. This same company owns Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima products too, which seem a bit racist in the 21st century.

View from the top

(click for larger version)

Taken from the 27th floor of the Grand Hyatt in SF. Three shots stitched into one (it’s not perfect, but I didn’t have a tripod). Camera used: Canon PowerShot S70.
We also took some fisheye shots with a very expensive digital SLR of the future which I won’t be able to share online, most likely.

A word to the wise

When you’re driving on the freeway and see a sign that says something like “Freeway closed at Railroad Ave. Alternate route Bailey Rd”, take the alternate route! Being in gridlock at 11:30pm at night is not my idea of fun.