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Car inspection

Today I washed my Audi TT for the last time. The inspector showed up in the early afternoon and after taking a few pictures and punching things into this cool handheld computer-thing, he came up with a total of $432 in damage. Not bad considering the car has been scraped at least three times and was keyed. I’m still considering whether to actually fix it, since the dealer is probably going to buy it off me anyway so it wouldn’t really matter in the end.

Spammers getting pushy

Boy are they getting desperate or what? Now they’re insulting you until you buy something from them. Check out the subject of this message that I just received:
“U are Stupid Dumbass If U Pay Retail Price For Softwares”

Downtown light

While shooting some photos downtown yesterday I decided to try a few “fun” shots. Inspired by this reflection shot from August, I wanted to see if I could capture anything interesting in the windows in the city. Along the way I shot some just plain cool angles of buildings in downtown SF. Click the link to see the photos, all taken with the Canon EOS-20D.

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Love the cafe

As I write this I’m sitting by a window in a crowded cafe along College Ave. in Berkeley. It’s about a 35 minute drive from my house to come here, but there’s really nothing like it closer. I used to hang out in the coffee shops in San Francisco, but now that’s too far away and only on special occasions. But Berkeley is still fairly easy. While I usually drop by during the workday, the best time to be here is at night when it’s really hopping. Right now the place is packed, both inside and out. I love people-watching and will occasionally listen in on some other conversions. Being a college town, this is a great place to hang out… always lively. For some reason I get more work done in noisy places like this than I do at my desk at home.

Home theater remodel, part 1

Well the stand and all the new components are here. Now I just need the TV! No word on when that’ll arrive.
The TV stand isn’t that great. It’s wide, sure, but the shelves are tight and not very deep on the edges.
The things on the shelf are: PS2, Sony DirecTV receiver w/TiVo, Sony DVD player (new!), X-box, Gamecube, and Sony ES receiver (new and awesome!). My old VCR couldn’t make it. That’s okay since I never use it.