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First halloween

Today was my first halloween as a homeowner. Living on a street with a lot of little kids, it was my responsibility to supply plenty of candy! And that I did. In the end I had maybe 20-25 little guests who got 2 pieces of candy a piece. Lucky for me (or maybe not), there are plenty of leftovers.
My pumpkin was carved at the last minute and was low budget. Thankfully I didn’t cut off any fingers in the process.
I’m nearing the one-year anniversary of moving to Brentwood and will have some reflections on that this week.


I went over to the Audi dealer today, hoping my car would be there. I find my salesperson who tells me that “the computer says it was delivered, but it’s not here”. So apparently it really hasn’t been delivered (or the truck driver is enjoying it). It may arrive over the weekend, but even if that happens, I still can’t pick it up until Monday. Sigh… I’ve been waiting patiently for so long (over a year!) but these last weeks have been tough!

Lodi: I’m sorry

Back in college I worked with a guy from Lodi, CA. That’s about 30 miles northeast from here (as the crow flies) and I’ve always figured it was another Stockton, Modesto, etc. So after an unsuccessful photo trip in Stockton I remembered two things Ben told me about Lodi: it’s not that bad, and it has a lake. So I drove north to Lodi, drove through the town (much nicer than Stockton) and into the country. It reminded me a lot of Napa Valley, just flatter. Tons of grapes growing there. I gave up looking for the lake and on my drive back, there it was. And it was nice, too! Very tranquil. So to the people of Lodi, I’m sorry for thinking that you were a dump for all these years.

Toy week?

The next seven days should prove exciting… I’m expecting to get both my new car and new TV. I’m sure I’ll rave endlessly when they get here — hopefully no ranting.

Brentwood tragedy

I forgot to mention this last week. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, this happens