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Pic of the week + a story

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Finally a picture with a story I can attach to it. I was headed home from a cafe in the city when I stepped off the bus in Union Square. Before me was a photo that I had to take — and I did (see above).
After I took my pictures a middle-aged couple (seen at the bottom-center of the photo) walked up to me and asked “is that a digital camera?”. “Yes”, I replied. “So is everything going to be digital one day?” “Most likely”. “Tell me, what midrange camera would you recommend?” I mentioned the PowerShot G6. The husband then asked about the (Canon) Digital Rebel and I told him about that.
After talking to me for a minute he decided that he wanted the Rebel. I never revealed who I was, and I have no idea how he thought that I was some kind of authority just because I had a camera in my hand. Nevertheless, that was my good deed for the day (and possibly the week)

Best month ever

The DCRP site had 2.2 million visitors in November — an all-time record by far! Yay!


Man, is it cold outside or what?? It’s about 8:15pm and my thermometer says 35 degrees. That’s cold for California!

One of these days

I have been craving a trip to Yosemite for well over a month now. It’s only about two hours from here (to the place where they take your $20, not the valley floor) so getting there is fairly easy. I love taking pictures there so hopefully I can make it soon.

Home sweet home

Boy is it good to be home! That’s enough driving for this year.
I took some fun pictures of Jackson, my sister’s dog, while I was down south. Click below to check them out.

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