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Awww yeah

Now THIS is how Gran Turismo 4 is meant to be played! On a 50″ Grand WEGA at 1080i! Now if I could just keep my car on the track…
(Note my choice of cars!)

Menacing skies

The skies darkened rapidly today… leading to a thunderstorm of the type rarely seen in California. It was right over the top of us and it was INTENSE. The thunder was so loud, I had to make sure the house across the street was still there (it was).
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One word: HOT

I know, I just bought a car, but I can still lust after other cars, right? This is the new 2005 Audi RS4. 420 horsepower, 0-100 km/hr in 4.8 seconds… probably about $65,000 in price. I want!

Must go to Vegas

Did you catch tonight’s 60 Minutes? They had a story about Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, and they showed parts of their new show “Ka”. It cost $185 million to put this show on at the MGM Grand, and boy did it look impressive. I’ve seen Mystere three times and “O” twice (I think), and I can’t wait to slap down the $100 to see this new one.

Taxes filed!

After a bit of a battle with Turbotax, my taxes are filed and everyone’s happy (well, I hope so). Turbotax decided to have a “phantom form” (8829 to be exact) which I couldn’t get rid of. This bad form also meant that I couldn’t e-file. After talking to various tech support people, they told me to delete my whole Schedule C and re-enter it. Well, that was fun — but it worked.
I owed a few thousand to both the Feds and the State, but things were a heck of a lot better than last year, since I paid closer attention and modified my quarterly payments as needed. I guess one of the downsides of running a successful business is lots of taxes! I wish I could choose where the money went… maybe to social programs instead of wars.