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When the going gets tough…

it’s so wonderful to have a loving family to take care of you. I’ve been going through a lot of crap with anxiety in the last few months, and I’m getting help, but there’s a ways to go still. What I do know: I’d be a lot worse off without the support of family, no matter how far away they are.

Over and done with

Today I deposited my insurance settlement in the bank. Kaiser gets half the settlement, which is about 60% of what they really wanted. The accident was tramautic enough (not that I remember much of it), but the insurance crap that followed was much worse. I’m glad that I can finally put this all behind me.

Into the fence

Today my dad was over and we went down the street to the Brentwood Country Club to hit some balls at the driving range. This was a new experience for me, as I’ve never done anything more than mini golf. Let me tell you, the real thing is much harder than it looks on TV. I may have hit 3 or 4 drives straight. Most sliced into the fence. And yes, I missed the ball altogether a few times.
Still, for $6, it was pretty fun and challenging. My dad left me a club, so I may head back over there again soon. Golf seems like a fun and social game to learn, though it seems like an expensive hobby.

Amazing weather

We got a taste of spring today and it was really nice. The temperature was around 71 and it was clear, except for a few high-level clouds. In fact, it was clear enough to see the snow-capped peaks of the Sierras from here, which is rare. (Here’s a picture from last year of the mountains… this year the hills are emerald green.) My poor plants definitely need the sun, they’ve been hating the months of cold and fog!