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Cool pic of the day

(Click for larger image)

I took a similar shot last week but I liked this one too, so here it is. Taken with the Canon Digital Rebel XT with the Sigma EX 15-30 lens.

Monterey pictures posted

I don’t want to brag too much, but I took some really great photos on this trip. All photos taken with the EOS-20D… click the link to see them and lemme know what you think!
Monterey/Carmel Photos
Update: Talk about timing! The shark pictured in my photos was released into the wild on Thursday morning.

Cool pictures coming tomorrow

I took some real winners today down in Monterey with my new 20D… including some shots at the aquarium (as you can see). Above is a little teaser… I’ll save the whole collection for tomorrow.

Get over it already

Why is it that I dwell on things for so long? Why can’t I “move on”, or as others have told me “get over it”. Whether it’s accepting that still heart skipping for what it is, or more recent confusions in life, the feelings and emotions take so long to go away. I know time cures most everything, but I hate waiting.
Enough introspection for now, it’s back to pictures in my next update.

The Highly Sensitive Person

This was a book suggested to me by the therapist. I’m not sure I entirely fit the description, but it’s certainly interesting to read. Basically “HSPs” are people who are “overaroused” too easily. There’s a little quiz at the beginning so you can see if you may be “highly sensitive”.

Follow the link for more on this since I don’t want to clutter up the main page with this.

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