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Thank you, Comcast!

I’m SO stoked… Comcast upgraded our cable modem speeds on Thursday and now, after purchasing a more modern cable modem and upgrading to the “gold package” ($10 more a month), it screams! 6Mbps down, 768kbps up… which is AWESOME for the huge uploads I often do for work. I can download files at 745 kb/sec and upload at over 90 kb/sec. Yes!

Moving up in the world

Here’s some exciting news. At this very moment in time using this questionable metric, the DCRP site is the second most popular digital camera news/review site in the world! I don’t know what happened to Steve’s Digicams but their traffic is plunging… and ours has been going up! Next stop, number one!

Cool pics of the day: Friday edition

Today I’ve got four pretty cool photos, three of which were taken down the street from my house. Click the link to see them. All were taken with the Canon Digital Rebel XT and my trusty Sigma EX 15-30 lens.
On a related note, the pictures I’ve taken around Brentwood remind me that, despite all my complaining about living here, this is a beautiful place to live, especially right now. Now’s a great time to visit (hint hint, friends) because it’s green and not hot. Come summertime it’s going to be hot and miserable, though it’ll be fruit-picking time!

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I love my PSP

Yesterday morning I got my PSP after waiting for what seemed like an eternity. The verdict: awesome. It plays movies, music, and displays photos. Did I mention that it plays games too? So far my favorite is Lumines, though network Wipeout Pure is pretty fun. Last night Mark and I looked like total nerds sitting in the back of Sweet Inspiration playing against each other wirelessly. Today I showed some other friends and let them have it. The look on the UPS delivery guy’s face was priceless when he saw my friend Marc playing in a Starbucks.
This is really going to shorten those long BART rides that I take so often!

Talk about finger food!

I used to be a fan of the chili at Wendy’s… not anymore!