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I have returned and I have two rants

Rant #1: If I’m going to have to pay for the hotel’s Disneyland shuttle ($3 a day) they could at least not have a “lunch break” in the middle of the day. I had to take a cab back to the hotel so I could get to the airport. They will be receiving a nasty letter shortly.
Rant #2: Southwest boarding group C sucks. I ended up in the middle seat between two big guys. Reminds me why I don’t like to fly them.
Disneyland pictures tomorrow.

I love Santa Barbara

If I was a lot richer this is where I’d want to live. It’s darn close to perfect. Click the link below to see some pictures from around town. They were taken with the Canon EOS-20D.

This weekend has pretty much been “hang out with family and the dog time”, though Sunday night my friend Ashley and I saw Star Wars Ep. 3. And we liked it! Way better than the first two.

Tomorrow (well, today now) is Disneyland!

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Off to SoCal

I’m taking off for a whirlwind trip to Southern California. Driving down with the folks on Friday, visiting my sister on Saturday and Sunday, then off to Disneyland on Monday. I’ll be back on Tuesday with plenty of pictures, assuming I don’t forget to bring my camera!

May 24th garden update

Things are growing nicely… click the link to see a few pics!

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Summer heat, summer fruit

It’s about 90 degrees here in Brentwood today and all the summer fruit is there for the picking. Today my folks came back with me and we hit two farms: Maggiore Ranch for cherries, and Wolfe Ranch (one of my favorites around here) for peaches. We didn’t just buy a pre-packaged box of fruit — we picked ’em ourselves! Sounds dumb but it’s actually quite fun.
Click the link for some photos that I took with the Fuji FinePix F10.

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