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Note to self: skip the vacations

Man I take most of July off and traffic dives 15% and PriceGrabber clicks were at the lowest levels of the year. Argh!

This is so cool!

Alcatraz swim a canine first: Dog places 72nd, ahead of hundreds in annual race

Tasty snacks

Last month I raved about chai, and I’m totally addicted to the stuff. Nothing’s better than an iced chai latte on a hot day!
More recently I’ve discovered two new treats:
Hummus — who thought garbanzo beans (AKA chick peas) could be so tasty? I’ve found whole wheat pita bread to be the perfect vehicle for getting the stuff into my mouth. Yum!! Trader Joes is a good source for both of these items.
Cadbury Flake bars — while searching Cost Plus for my beloved Dairy Milk bars (the real stuff, not the crap made by Hershey’s) I found them. Flaky milk chocolate covered with more chocolate. Damn they’re good! And certainly not good for you either, so this is only for special occasions. Why they don’t sell these in the US is beyond me.

Pete’s vacation is over (though she’s always on vacation)

(Click to view movie)

Tonight is the last night that Pete, the family cat, will be staying at my house. She’s been here since I came back from Florida, and she really has been on her best behavior. Well, except for the three times she threw up. Or when she hissed at me last night for moving her off the bed I was trying to make. But otherwise she’s been great. But tomorrow she’s headed back to my parents’ house and I’m sure she’s not happy about the car ride home.
Some of Pete’s favorite things include eating ham, licking butter out of the tub, and getting her endless supply of fur removed with one of those sticky roller things.
I was fooling around with a camcorder and I recorded the short video you can see above. It’s the cat cam!

Money isn’t everything

Today I was entering some invoices into Quickbooks when I looked at my year-to-date reports. Revenue is up over 40% since this time last year! That’s great for my near term plans (house buying) and for the long term as well (whatever that will bring).
One of the MANY things that has really been driven home in the last year or so is that money does not buy happiness. This includes all those toys that I’ve bought over the years. Sure they provide some initial fun, but after a while that wears off. These purchases doesn’t get rid of my frustrations and anxieties — that’s for damn sure. Of course that doesn’t stop me from buying more 🙂
Having a fancy car, big TV, or every game console under the sun doesn’t make me a better person. And I don’t want to be judged on what I own, how much money I make, etc. Starting my own business and single-handedly making it what it is today is more impressive than how many dollars it puts in my bank account. The money is a nice benefit and is not what drives me.
It’s kind of like what I said about my trip to Disney World a few weeks ago. It’s not being there that makes it fun, it’s sharing the experience with others that I like the most. Along those lines, it’s not having the big TV and home theater system that’s important, it’s enjoying it with other people that counts.
Unfortunately, enjoying time with others hasn’t been easy since I moved to Brentwood — I haven’t actually made any friends out here — but in three months or so I’ll be out of here and back to civilization.