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Brentwood era officially over

My old house closed escrow today, and my checking account is suddenly full of money. I’m going to pay off my second mortgage on the new house, pay off any remaining bills, and put the rest in savings.
And so my two year stay in Brentwood is officially over. Can’t say it was fun, but it was a heck of an investment. It was strange walking through the empty house yesterday… it was just like when I was looking at it in my final walkthrough before I moved in. I liked that house a lot, and will miss it. I suppose in due time this new house will become “home”.

Possible kitty adoption?

As it turns out, my realtor is also a big animal lover, and her neighbor (a large animal vet) just happens to have a kitten that needs adopting. Apparently this woman found the kitten up at the stables where her horse is boarded. It was apparently abandoned and it was very skinny and hungry. She eventually took it home and now it’s a healthy, happy, and hungry kitty.
My realtor, for some reason, thought that I’d be a good candidate for adopting this cat because I’m “a very nice guy and very responsible (ha!)” so she put me in touch with the foster mom. So sometime in the middle of the week I’m going to see this cat for myself to see how we get along.
All I know so far is that it’s 6 or 7 months old, female, just got “fixed”, has up-to-date shots, and is VERY loving (quite a change from the cats I grew up with). It’s a siamese/tabby mix and it has the trademark siamese blue eyes, but not the siamese attitude and finicky appetite.
Naturally I’ll take some pictures when I see the cat this week… and if I do adopt it I may need some help naming it, since it doesn’t have a name yet!

Walk to Montclair Village

After more than a week of constant work I decided to go for a stroll down to Montclair Village, the “downtown” of my new neighborhood. There’s a trail that runs from the base of my street down to the village, and it takes about 20-25 minutes to walk down there. It’s an easy walk — except for the part where I have to walk back up my street. Here are some pictures that I took on my walk to the farmer’s market in the village this morning.

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Up and Running in Oakland

Well, I made it… and my back hurts. The movers were amazing: they got everything out of the old house in a little over an hour. Getting things into the new (three story) house was much more difficult, but they did it — and it cost less than I was expecting since they were so fast! They definitely earned their tips today ($40 per man, three men) — I sure wouldn’t want to have done it!
Naturally the first thing I got up and running here was the computer. I won’t have TV for a few days since DirecTV needs to come out and install a new dish.
The new balcony is coming along nicely. All the new beams are in, so next up is the new decking material and handrails! Two of my bathrooms have been ripped up, as well. I picked out some new tile so that nasty 80’s linoleum will be gone soon!

Last night in Brentwood

Well, this is it: my last night in Brentwood. I won’t really miss the town, but I’ll sure miss my house. Tomorrow night I’ll be going to sleep in somewhere completely new. Just about everything is packed save for my computer (of course), some toiletries, and a few CDs. But tomorrow at 8am everything will be ready to go and the movers will start loading their truck. This side will be pretty easy… but they’re going to have a heck of a time getting things up the stairs at the new house. Naturally it’s going to rain tomorrow, too. I hope things go smoothly!