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Own a PS2? Buy this game!

Finally there’s a game that lets me fulfill a lifelong dream: to play lead guitar with Boston doing “More Than a Feeling“.
Guitar Hero is a rhythm game for the PS2 that has a very unique controller:

This plastic guitar has five “strings” you can play and there’s even a whammy bar! During the game the notes come toward you on the screen, like so:

When the notes get to the bottom of the screen you hold down that “string” and strum the guitar! Sounds silly but this may be the most fun I’ve had with a video game in a LONG time. You really are playing along… hit the wrong note and you’ll hear it in the song! Keep screwing up and you’ll get booed off the stage. The harder the level, the more notes you have to play, so at expert level you’re pretty much playing all the notes in the song.
The only downsides I can come up with are the sore fingers that it gives me, and the fact that the songs are all covers of the original (albeit very good ones).
This one’s going to be a major time waster! Thanks to Mark for turning me on to this awesome game!

2005 SF Int’l Auto Show

For the third year in a row I’ve got pictures from the show floor of the SF International Auto Show. Visiting this show has been a tradition that my dad and I have kept up for nearly my entire life. Click the link to see the more interesting cars that I saw at the show. I have to say that taking pictures there is difficult, even with a great camera like the EOS-5D. The white balance is really tough to get right.

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Glad I had my camera

(Click for larger)

I was walking off the BART train in Rockridge tonight during a great sunset. I happened to have the EOS-5D with me, having been at the auto show (those pics coming soon), so I went down to the end of the platform and took the above photo. It was such a nice sunset that others were doing the same, though most were stuck with camera phones instead of a real camera.

Cool pic of the day

(Click for larger)

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you know that I love taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here’s one I took tonight right around sunset with the Canon EOS-5D.

Thanksgiving in four pictures

This year Thanksgiving was at my new house. My parents came over along with my sister and her husband, plus Jackson (their dog). We were going to eat on my housewarming gift that my folks got me, this nice table:

When Jackson entered the house he saw Zoe and immediately went after her. He chased her up the stairs and onto my bed. Zoe took it one step further, by actually jumping through the mini-blinds and onto the window ledge above my bed. She was freaked out for most the day and never came downstairs until the dog was gone.
Before dinner we took Jackson to Redwood Regional Park for a walk. This is a haven for dog owners since one of the trails allows dogs to be off leash. Jackson had a good time:

After watching some TV and losing to my brother-in-law at a Playstation football time it was time to eat. Jackson was ready to eat even before the turkey was on the table:

Dinner was great, especially the yams. All this time, poor Zoe was hiding upstairs. She got braver as the night went on, eventually watching from above:

After everyone left things got back to normal around here. Zoe is back to her old self again, sitting on my desk and swatting at the cursor on my screen. It was great to have everyone come over today, it really made this place feel like a home.