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No thank you

Across the street from my house a huge eucalyptus tree is being taken down. One of the guys actually climbs up the tree with a chainsaw and cuts off branches, sending them down a cable to the ground below. I don’t think you could pay me enough to be doing that job!
Update: One more pic from this afternoon
They are taking the whole tree down from top to bottom now:

A glimmer of hope for Pete

Here’s the report from my dad about Pete, the family cat who was diagnosed with kidney failure last week:
Tests were much better. The one that was 110 last week is 68 now, and the one that was 10 is around 6 now. So they are in the range that he hoped they would be. Not normal, but for her condition, pretty good. He put her on a hypertension drug (high blood pressure), which also helps the kidneys. Her weight went from 7.5 lbs. to 8.2 lbs. That’s good. She seems pretty good today, lots of complaining, but she hasn’t eaten.
Let’s hope that she starts eating and feeling better soon… we may be able to squeeze a little more life out of this kitty!

Cool sunset of the day

(Click for larger)

Saw this on the drive home so I stopped to grab the shot (with the Nikon D200).
I took some other sunset shots from the same spot back in January.

Too many choices

I realize that they are the #1 camera seller these days, but come on Kodak, do you really need THIS many models? And don’t get me started about their naming conventions…

Cool pics of the day: random edition

I’m not a huge fan of ducks (traumatic childhood incident), but I love their expressions here

I’m going to be on this very flight in July on my way to Europe. I blew some of my United miles so I’ll be sitting upstairs in biz class. Woohoo!

Lazy kitties are cute!