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Four cool cameras

I know this may contradict my previous entry, but I never said anything about not having fun toys to play with. Here are four new cameras that have caught my eye:
Top-left: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 – An ultra-compact camera with a nice 28mm wide-angle lens. Unfortunately, my camera seems to have some dust on its sensor, so it may be going back for repair.
Top-right: Canon PowerShot SD700 IS Digital ELPH – I’m really liking this one so far. Think of it as the SD550 with a 4X lens with optical image stabilization and much better battery life. Focusing seems faster, as well.
Bottom-right: Kodak EasyShare V610 – This was just announced on Tuesday and it was in my hands the next morning! This is Kodak’s second dual lens camera, and this one’s an ultra zoom. Its two lenses cover 38 – 380 mm, though there’s a small gap at around 3X as the camera switches lenses (and CCDs). While this camera is small for an ultra zoom, its unusual shape makes it hard to keep it steady, and there’s no image stabilization to help out. Battery life sucks royally, as well.
Bottom-left: The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 was the smallest ultra zoom camera until the V610 came out. It uses a folding lens design (as does the Kodak), so the 10X zoom never protrudes from the body. So far it’s pretty nice, though the noise levels are awfully high for a 5MP camera.

Sales pitch

The other day I was on the way out of Target with my mom when we bumped into some people that I haven’t seen in 15 – 20 years. The woman asked me what I was doing and I said simply “I write about digital cameras” — and that was about it. My mom added “he runs a website about digital cameras”, which the woman thought was interesting.
Immediately after we got outside, my mom said “you know, you shouldn’t be reluctant about telling people what you do for a living. You need to sell yourself more.” I said something like “well, I don’t think that my job is very exciting…”
I do have that feeling, though I don’t know if it’s honest, or just the result of my often lousy self-esteem. When I do tell people what I do (in more detail than above), they usually think it’s pretty neat. Now if I could only make myself believe that…

Super cute Zoe pictures

When I need sample photos, Zoe is always around to help. These came out so nicely that I just had to share.

May mini-vacation

Next month my dad and I are going to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! We were originally going to do a tour of the Southwest, but that wasn’t working out… so… we’re flying to fabulous Bozeman, Montana and will be touring around for a few days. If anyone has any tips on things to see in the Yellowstone area, let me know!

Cat fight

I took Zoe over to my parents’ house today to see if she and Pete could co-exist peacefully. The answer is a resounding “no”. After giving Zoe some time to explore the house, Pete was introduced into the room. That resulted in “howling”, hissing, arched backs, and flat ears. Pete always bullied our other cat, Cupcake (RIP), and Zoe supposedly doesn’t like other cats either, so I guess this isn’t too surprising. So, I guess that Zoe won’t be visiting again anytime soon.