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Back to the grind

I got home from Europe last Wednesday, and I took it easy (for the most part) through the weekend. But R&R is over now, so it’s back to work. On Saturday I did my volunteer work at the animal rescue place, and Monday included lots of work plus a trip to the gym. Despite being exhausted from my trip, I feel refreshed and ready to get back to normal life.

Europe Trip Day 18: More Budapest + Szentendre

Today was my last full day in Budapest, and it wasn’t as busy as previous
days. Today we went to the not-so-exciting House of Terror, which is about
the Nazi and Russian occupation of Hungary. It’s in the old building for the
secret police, and ironically they were watching me when I took a photo inside,
and they wouldn’t leave until I deleted it.

After that we went back to the Synagogue which we visited on the first day,
and this time we took a tour. It was pretty amazing. Our English-speaking tour
guide’s father is somewhat famous, as he saved 200 Hungarian Jews from certain
death during the Holocaust. The Nazis killed 400,000 Hungarian Jews during

The final stop for the day was Szentendre, another cute town north of the
city. It was nice, but not as nice as some of the other villages I’ve seen

After the link you’ll find the last bunch of photos for my Europe trip!

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Europe Trip Day 17: Vienna

Today Tibor and I took a 2.5 hour drive to Vienna, Austria. It was well worth
the trip. Vienna is a very beautiful city and (once again) a photographer’s
delight. We saw most of the major sites inside the Ringstrasse, and after that
we went over to Schönbrunn (the summer home of the Habsburg’s).

The shocker
of the day was when we stopped in Starbucks (yes, they have them in Vienna)
for a drink. A grande iced mocha, which normally costs $3.30 at home, cost €4.80
here — that’s six dollars!

I forgot to mention yesterday’s surprise: if you
think gas prices are bad in the US then you haven’t seen anything. A tank
of gas here in Hungary cost us $100!

Anyhow, pictures are after the link. Since you aren’t allowed to take photos
inside Schönbrunn, I only have exterior shots of that.

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Europe Trip Day 16: Eger

Today Tibor and I went to the village of Eger, which is about an hour away
from Budapest. There’s lots of nice Baroque architcture plus an old castle
to check out. The castle is famous for keeping the Turks away for many years,
though they got inside eventually. Pictures after the link!

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Europe Trip Day 15: Pannonhalma, Veszprem, and Lake Balaton

Yesterday we took a very long road trip to several spots in western Hungary.
First up was the Pannonhalma Monestary, which is on top of a hill with a great
view. After that we went to the quaint village of Veszprem. Next we drove to
Lake Balaton, which was a very popular destination on this hot day.
We checked out the village of Tihany and then took a swim in the 80 degree
waters of the Lake. After a long day of sweating, it felt great.

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