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Not a smart idea

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If you look closely to the upper-right of Zoe’s whiskers you’ll see what she’s staring so intently at. Yes, it’s a bee. Every once in a while I catch her chasing after them, and I have to think that this isn’t a smart move on her part. I’m shocked that she hasn’t been stung so far, given the number of times she’s swatted at them. Being a cat, of course, she doesn’t listen to my warnings.

The Presidio with primes

Yesterday I grabbed my (loaned) Nikon D80 and Pentax K100D and two lenses — a Nikkor F1.8 50mm for the D80, and a Pentax F3.2 21mm for the K100D — and headed to the Presidio. I walked for miles, starting near the new Letterman complex (which is a must-see), heading through the Main Post and ending up at the Warming Hut. I then turned around, walked all the way past East Beach, then through the Marina district to my favorite sandwich place in that area. After grabbing some lunch I hiked it back to where I started and enjoyed my lunch.

Click the link for some pics from my walk!

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Mac Pro is here!

Soooo exciting! I changed my original Mac Pro order to get it here faster (by just getting the stock video card — the better one is on order) and it arrived today! After a few hours of file transferring I’m up and running, and things seem pretty snappy so far! The biggest difference between the Mac Pro and my old G5 is the noise — the new one is silent, while the G5 sounds like a jet plane.
My first program is to get the extra gig of RAM into it, and then move over a hard drive that’s in the G5.
A few pictures after the link!

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Nature’s lawnmower

While driving past the park near my house the other day I noticed something strange behind the soccer field. Upon further inspection I realized that it was goats — and plenty of them. Turns out that these “rent-a-goats” are being used to get rid of the dead grass that would make great fuel for a brushfire (and believe me, we don’t want that around here), and I guess this is the “organic” way to do it. There’s an electric fence around them so they can’t leave, and a dog keeps them in line, though he was sleeping under an oak tree when I walked over. There were probably a hundred of the little guys just munching away, and they’ve been doing so for two days thus far.
Here’s what I want to know: who cleans up all that goat poop when they’re done?

Too high tech

If there’s one place that doesn’t need to be high tech, it’s the gas station. Today I went a little out of my way to take advantage of a 10 cent/gallon discount that I earned at Safeway gas stations (yes, as in the grocery store). When I pulled into the station the cheap stuff was $3.05. When I drove out, the price on the electronic signs now read $3.01.
I think it’s time to back to the days of signs that had to be adjusted manually.