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Bad things come in threes

Tonight was full of bad luck…
1) Spilled a bunch of paint on my carpet. Hopefully my carpet vacuum got that off, we’ll see in the morning.
2) While taking a mini pizza out of the oven I dropped it onto the oven door.
3) Came home and the kitchen door hadn’t latched shut… and the wind blew it open… and Zoe had wandered outside. Thank God I found here right outside, on top of the front gate. She got a hug and a special treat for not running off or getting into a fight with the neighborhood cats.
This weekend’s mini-vacation is just what I need right now.

Cool pic of the week: ghost ship

(Click for larger)

I spotted the Infinity peeking through the fog last Sunday from the north vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge. Eventually it made its way out the Gate and onto somewhere hopefully warmer than here. Wish I was onboard!

The kitty tent

I saw this at IKEA today and couldn’t resist. And it was only like six bucks, too!

Zoe nightmare comes true

Zoe was in the backyard this afternoon while I was staining one of my decks. When I was done I went looking for her, but couldn’t find her. Then I thought “oh no” and went into the front yard. At first I didn’t see here, but I soon found her cowering in the corner of the front “patio”. She was obviously frightened by the cars and trucks that had gone by. I brought her inside without resistence.
It looks like I’m going to have to find a way to keep her in the backyard to prevent this from happening agian. I don’t want her just wandering off, or worse.

Now I’ve seen everything

The new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 has an “aerial photo mode”, made for taking pictures through airplane windows. In the manual they even have these notes below the description of the feature: 1) Turn the camera off when taking off or landing and 2) When using the camera, follow all instructions from cabin crew.
What’s next?!