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This buck’s for you

This guy spent a few hours outside my house today. This is the first buck I’ve seen this close. He wasn’t afraid at all — usually they run away.
PS — sorry for the bad pun in the title.

Another cat picture I can’t use

Once again I took a picture of Zoe that I intended to use in a review, but couldn’t because you can read my phone number on her ID tag. I need to get her a special tag for photo shoots or something.

How’s this for a video card?

On the top is the video card that came with my Mac Pro (a GeForce 7300GT). On the bottom is the ATI 1900XT, which I had originally wanted built into the computer. Since that would’ve delayed things by over a month, I just ordered the computer without it, and bought the video card separately. The X1900 is by far the biggest video card I’ve ever seen… it’s insane! I’m looking forward to some fast scrolling in Photoshop now!


Last night I was going through some DCRP checks that I had to deposit. I was thinking “wow, I’m loaded right now!”. A few minutes later I was in my special “deep thoughts room” (okay, the bathroom) and I thought to myself “geez, I haven’t paid my quarterly taxes in a while.” Uh oh. So much for being loaded!

The ultimate home improvement tool

I just ordered myself one of these bad boys. It’s 10 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and 5 feet deep, and weighs over 500 pounds. And while it’s expensive, in the long run it’ll be a lot cheaper than renting scaffolding for $100 a day. First project will be sealing the bottom of the new balcony, and then painting the ceiling above the carport (which was replaced during the balcony reconstruction). After that it’ll be used for putting a heat blocking film on the huge window in my solarium room. Exciting stuff… I just hope it doesn’t tip over!