I just got back from a little mini-vacation at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. While these two parks (which are attached) are about 200 miles away as the crow flies, it takes forever to get there, since the roads are really windy. Once there you’ll end up at a place that reminds you of Yosemite, but more spread out, and with less people. I wouldn’t recommend going in the off-season, as there are almost zero services open — we ate at the same place for almost every meal, and finding gasoline is even more difficult.

I’ve got a ton of photos after the link, all taken with the Fuji FinePix S6000fd. Enjoy!

The big attraction in Sequoia Nat’l Park is the enormous Giant Sequoia trees, which are the largest living things on earth.

Look at the size of these things!

Not all of the trees in the park are still standing

Looking toward Kings Canyon. That’s Hume Lake in the middle, which you’ll see again below. And yes, there’s still some snow on the highest peaks.

We saw quite a few of these guys

They’re checking out another deer that just walked into the parking lot

Now we’re down at Hume Lake, which is a big compound run by a Christian organization. There’s also a gas station that’s open year-round, which we needed desperately.

On the road to Kings Canyon

No big trees here

Kings Canyon in B&W

From a lower angle

This tree reminds me of a cactus for some reason

Now we’re at Moro Rock (in Sequoia), which is like a mini version of Half Dome. The hike up is grueling.

Some crazy climbers going up the side of the rock

Finally, the top. Lots of signs warning you about lightning dangers, as you might expect

The view from the top is impressive

Looking west toward the Central Valley, in B&W

My car travels under the Tunnel Log

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the largest tree in the world. It’s not the tallest or widest, but in terms of volume, it’s the biggest. General Sherman Tree is 36 feet wide at the base, and 275 feet tall.

Okay, now we’re at Crystal Cave in Sequoia. Just getting down to the entrance was quite a hike. And check out the fancy gate!

Inside the cave… do note that I did some noise reduction on all of these photos

Waterfall outside the cave

Fall colors in Crescent Meadow

More changing leaves near the Crystal Cave

Hope you enjoyed these photos!