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No serendipity today

Tonight I almost had one of those moments that’s usually reserved for movies. The scene: a crowded cafe. Jeff walks into cafe and gets in line behind a young woman. Jeff looks around and sees one open table, so (being the experienced cafe patron) he puts his bag on it. The girl in front of Jeff gets her drink and realizes there’s no place to sit.
Without even thinking about it, Jeff offers to share his table with the girl, until a table opens up for her. She graciously accepts and sits down. Jeff thinks “wow, this is a great opportunity here” until he sees the sparkly diamond ring on her finger. Oops — so much for that idea. Eventually somebody leaves and she moves to her own table.
In the end, serendipity did not occur… but I give myself points for taking a risk and doing something very spontaenous and un-Jefflike. I think I also earned some karma for helping her out. Oh well, better luck next time, I guess.

I love playing with my Wii

The one bright spot in this otherwise crappy day (due to a uncomfortable meeting I need to have this afternoon) was the arrival of my Nintendo Wii. It took a while to get used to the weird controls, but I’m really loving it!
Instead of playing the same sequels again and again (but with nicer graphics) like on the X360 or PS3, the Wii lets developers do totally new things. I’ve only tried the bundled Wii Sports so far, but things are looking very promising indeed.

2006 SF Auto Show Pics

Today it was once again time for my annual father/son trip to the SF International Auto Show. There weren’t too many exciting cars, but a few things caught my eye. Click the link to see photos of the most interesting cars at the show — all of which were taken with the Nikon D40.

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For cat lovers only

If you own a cat then you’ll definitely get a laugh out of this column by the Chronicle’s Jon Carroll.

Long time no cloud photos

(Click for larger)

(Click for larger)

It’s been ages since I posted any photos of cool clouds, but I got two nice shots late this afternoon. I took’em with the brand new Nikon D40.