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Adventures in underwater photography (part 1)

It’s pretty humbling when you have to throw away 80% of your photos, but that’s
what my experience with underwater digital photography have been thus far.
Yesterday the water wasn’t very clear, so I didn’t really have anything worth
keeping. Today I did some serious snorkeling and got better photos, but still,
it’s hard. Seeing things on the LCD isn’t easy, the fish don’t stay still,
plus you’re always drifting around… all that makes it a bit frustrating.

Click the link to see a few shots I took today, with more to come before the
end of the trip. Again, these are from the Canon SD800 with its matching underwater

Oh, and fish experts are welcome to ID these guys for me, since I don’t know
many of them.

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Aloha from Maui

Just saying a quick "Aloha" from Maui. Yesterday included flying, waiting
in too many lines (for car and food), and a little swimming. Here are some
teaser photos to make you jealous. Hopefully my next set will include some
underwater photos!

Oh, all of these are taken with the Canon PowerShot SD800 IS.

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Local news remains useless

At the gym today I was watching the local news on the ABC affiliate. They had a “story” (which they even promoted before the preceding commercial break) about a new study about heartburn drugs.
The story: “A new study says popular heartburn drugs may block the absorption of calcium.”
And that was it. They didn’t say what drugs, or why this may be a bad thing.
Local news stations have really gone downhill in recent years, relying more on gimmicks like “Super Doppler 2000 HD Pro” weather radar than actually reporting the news.

Cool trip + cool new toy

Next Thursday I’m leaving for a week in Maui. Sun, warm ocean, and no work! I’m going to be bringing along two new toys, as well: a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS with matching underwater case! This will be my first underwater photo experience and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be doing some snorkeling on both Maui and Lanai (we’re going to the latter for a day) and will see how things go!
On another note, I’ve felt two good earthquakes here in the Oakland hills in the last two days. They’re short but remarkably powerful, especially for their sub-4 magnitude. I’ve had enough, thank you!

My shoes don’t stink

… at least according to Zoe. Today I caught her rolling around on them. I have a feeling she was mostly interested in them due to the four 18-week-old kittens playing with the shoelaces last weekend at my volunteer job.