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Dry rot — it loves me

It seems that every few months I stumble upon some part of my property that is suffering from dry rot. I’ve had it all: balconies, walls, trim, and stairs.
Well, the dry rot monster struck again today. I was walking up the stairs outside my kitchen when I stepped onto the landing and heard a not-so-pleasant noise below me. It wasn’t the “creak” you’d normally hear from wood — it was the wood sliding up and down and rubbing against the retaining wall. My dad was over helping with another project so we popped up one of the boards and sure enough, the joists were rotting away.
Looks like I just found my next house project — or rather, it found me.

Bonus kitten photo

I didn’t take this one (my dad did) but it’s so darn cute that I had to share. I went and visited them again today — they’re a lot braver now than when they first arrived.

Prepare for the cuteness!

Meet Sammy and Oliver. These two four-month old kittens are new additions to the family. They don’t live with me, they live with my folks, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing them often. Their house has been eerily quiet since Pete died, and well, it’s not quiet anymore! These two are crazy, though it turns out that the shy one is wild and the wild one shy.

Click the link for lots of photos of cute kittens!

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Earth to Congress: Ban television ads for prescription drugs

I’ve been more and more annoyed at the number of ads for prescription drugs during network TV lately. Today at the gym I decided to write a strongly worded letter (my specialty) to my Congressmen (women actually) asking them to put forth legislation to ban these ads. While watching the NBC Nightly News I saw probably a dozen ads for various prescription drugs. Cholesterol, blood pressure, restless leg syndrome, and more. Half of these drugs are just combinations of two drugs that probably just came off their patents, so the pharmaceutical company can keep raking it in. These adds send people to the doctor asking for expensive drugs they may not even need in the first place. Those pricey drugs drive up the cost of health care too — my Kaiser rates went up 30% this year. Lastly, what about safety? I seem to recall a certain pain reliever that was heavily advertised on TV that was pulled because it was giving people heart attacks.
I know my letters won’t accomplish much, but hopefully enough people will write in to make a difference. This country is, unfortunately, ruled by big corporations, instead of the people.

This really chaps my hide

A small percentage of the people have a truly disgusting sense of entitlement. I haven’t reviewed anything since around December 22nd. I took some time off for the holidays and then Maui, and after I got back I’ve been working on printers and a camera review. But still, that doesn’t satisfy some people. Somebody complained the other day about the lack of reviews, and then today I got this gem:
“Note to self: Quit checking DCRP cause ain’t nothing happening there in a long time. What’s up with the reviews?”
I responded with something like “I apologize for having a personal life and taking a little time off”.
What’s with people these days?