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Officially done

I have completely my training and am now a full-fledged cat adoption counselor at my volunteer job. I even adopted out two cats today! It’s funny, I may be reserved in social situations, but when you give me a task to do (such as adopt a cat) that fades away into the background. While I’m a 100% animal lover and am dedicated to finding homes for these cats, I’m really doing this volunteer work for “me”.

Cool pics of the year?

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These two may very well be my favorite pictures of 2007. Every year around now, thousands of these caterpillars can be found hanging from the oak trees at Stanford University. If you’re not careful you’ll have them all over you. I managed to get two of them on my hand, and after trying to figure out how to turn on super macro mode on the PowerShot TX1, I snapped the photos you see above. I couldn’t wait to get home to see them, and I was not disappointed when I loaded them up.
By the way, if anyone can ID this guy, please do.

NCAA Western Region Championship pics

Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the Kansas/UCLA "Elite Eight" basketball game in San Jose. I enjoy the whole March Madness thing, so when a game is nearby I like to go (last time was in 2002). The game was exciting, and I was pleased with the result (after all, I almost went to UCLA instead of UCSD), though I think my hearing was damaged from all the screaming Bruin fans around me.

Pictures from the game after the link. All except the first one were taken with my Canon EOS-20D (which is getting a bit long in the tooth, I admit) and 70 – 200 mm F4L lens.

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Must. Control. Temper.

It takes a lot for me to lose my temper, but I finally snapped while playing God of War 2 tonight. After dying again and again, the game dealt me a cheap hand, I died yet again, and I lost my cool. I threw the controller toward the TV in disgust. The controller broke (the TV survived). Either I need to take some video game anger management classes, or I need to strap the controller to my wrist so it doesn’t happen again (see, those smart Nintendo people thought of this when they designed the Wii).

One more weekend

Today was a big day in my cat adoption counselor training. I got to lead two adoptions and for the first one I actually adopted out two cats! A family took home two very rambunctious 2 year old cats… boy are they going to have their hands full. I got a good “review” and have only one more weekend of training left before I’m on my own! I got a good review… I guess my people skills are better than I thought!
Oh, and last weekend my “project cat” Milkshake got adopted… unfortunately I wasn’t there to say goodbye. She really changed from a very shy cat into someone much more outgoing. Funny, that’s kind of why I’m volunteering…