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Sports photographer for a day

Today I got to take part in a pretty fun event. I got to play professional sports photographer at the Bank of the West Classic tennis tournament down at Stanford. Since Olympus sponsors the US Open women’s tournament, they invited me to come pick up my E-520 review unit, throw some nice glass on it, and take some photos. Since I go to Stanford every few weeks in the first place, why not?

I took probably 300 photos in the 4-5 hours that I was there. I must have a thing for Eastern European tennis players! I shot from two locations: up in the sky box, and down on the court level, in the "Olympus Photo Pit", which was ironically filled with pro photographers with Canon gear.

The photos were taken with the E-520 and a variety of lenses, including the 8mm fisheye, F2.0 150 mm, F4.0-5.6 70-300 mm, F2.8 90-250 mm, and more. The ISO sensitivity was locked at 400. The only editing I’ve done here is cropping or straightening — that’s it!

Hit the link to see my favorite shots from the day.

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Cool pic of the weekend


Took this last night from the southwest corner of the Golden Gate Bridge. All the smoke in the air may be bad for your health, but it sure makes for a great sunset.

Gems from the Skymall catalog

If you’ve ever been bored on an airplane flight, you’ve undoubtedly perused the Skymall catalog that’s in the seat pocket in front of you. On my flight back from Alaska, I found some things so utterly ridiculous, that I had to take the catalog home to share them with you. Click the link to see my six favorite dumb things in the Skymall catalog.

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Summer in Yosemite

I spent the first four days of this week in Yosemite National Park. Yes, again. This time it was with the entire family — me, my folks, my sister and her husband and baby, and Jackson the dog. We rented a house in the Wawona area.

I made a special effort to not take the "usual" Yosemite photos, and for the most part, I succeeded. Click the link to see them for yourself.

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