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2008 in Numbers: The Bad and the Ugly

2008 was not a good year for my website, and thus, my livelihood. Trends were already starting to change in 2007, and when the economy crashed this year, people stopped buying cameras. Both traffic and revenue were down significantly. Most economists say that 2009 will be a tough year, so I’m not looking forward to it. Having my investments drop by 40% and losing my home equity line of credit make things even more uncomfortable.
Here’s the 2008 wrap-up for the DCRP
Total page views: 151,937,411 (down 15%)
Total visits: 30,213,619 (down 15%)
Total unique IPs: 10,457,768 (down 7%)
Total bandwidth used: 28.05 tb (down 29%, which is fine by me)
2008 revenue: down 18% (this is the scariest one)
I’m not sure what I can do at this point other than keep doing what I’m doing, and hope the economy recovers quickly. I think 2009 is going to shake out a lot of smaller websites — I just hope mine isn’t one of them.

2008 in Numbers: The Good

Just got this e-mail from the adoption manager at the animal shelter at which I volunteer every weekend:
In the calendar year 2008, ARF adopted a total of 1,197 dogs and 893 cats. That’s a total of 2,090 animals who would have been euthanized at public shelters but are now living in their forever homes…thanks to you.
You sent home 65 cats in 2008 Jeff! Thanks for your time and commitment to Adoptions…you are a valued member of the team.

Seeing that definitely gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling!

Savannah’s First Christmas

Before everyone started getting sick, I had a great time hanging out with my 11 month-old niece. It was obviously her first Christmas, and while she didn’t really know what was going on, she still was having fun. I think she really liked the toys I bought her, too!
She’s absolutely adorable, and so much fun to be around — she has a great personality, and is almost always in a good mood. She’s walking now, and seemed to get better as each day went by. There are still times when crawling is faster, though!
My favorite pics of my favorite (and only) niece after the link!

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Uh oh

I spent the holidays in Southern California with my sister and her family. I had lots of quality time with my favorite niece (pics forthcoming), too.
Unfortunately, people started getting the “stomach flu” soon after Christmas Dinner at my in-laws house. I haven’t gotten it yet, but I wonder if it’s only a matter of time.
Me: not sick
Dad: sick 12 hours after xmas dinner
Mom: sick 48 hours after xmas dinner
Sister: not sick
Niece: sick 48 hours after xmas dinner
Brother-in-law: sick 6 hours after xmas dinner
Father-in-law: not sick
Mother-in-law: not sick
Sister-in-law: not sick
I’m not sure who’s the vector for this virus, but I’m crossing my fingers that I’m not the next victim. At least it “only” seems to last about 12-24 hours once you’ve got it.

Let it snow!

Sure, it’s not much, but for Oakland, California, any snow is a big deal. I’m at around the 1000 foot level here in the hills. 9AM temperature is 39 degrees. Here are a few pics, starting with the house across the street: