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Maui 2010: Day Trip to Molokai

On one of the days of my trip to Maui, I took the ferry over to the island of Molokai for the day. The ride over was a big rough, but on the way back it was much worse. I’ve never been seasick in my life, but I took a pill just in case!  Lots of people were laying down and one got Feast movie online now

Anyhow, the island reminds me a bit of Maui, except much more deserted. One the one hand it’s very “old Hawaii”, but it’s also been hurt badly by the economy as well as a greedy developer who closed down their whole resort when they didn’t get their way. One town in particular (Maunaloa) was almost entirely boarded up.  Sad.

Anyhow, here are the photos from my trip to the island of Molokai:

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Maui 2010: Underwater

And now, let’s go under the sea to see some marine life!  I bought the Canon marine housing for my PowerShot S95, and took it for a swim!

Maui 2010: On Land

I’ve spent the past week on the Valley Isle of Maui, as I have for the previous two years. Naturally, I took a lot of photos, and I’m going to share some of them over the next few posts. All of these were taken with the Canon PowerShot S95. Enjoy!

Disneyland/California Adventure (October 2010) – Part 2

And now, the photos taken on my full day (more or less) at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. All of these were taken with the Canon PowerShot S95. Enjoy!

And here’s a video I took of the finale of World of Color!

Disneyland/California Adventure (October 2010) – Part 1

I’m back in Southern California to see what’s new at the Disneyland Resort. Last night I checked out the new elecTRONica area at DCA, and rode Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy (best part: projections on the building).  Here are some photos and even a video from my first night:

Here’s a video of Hollywood Blvd in elecTRONica:

And here’s my favorite projection on the front of Space Mountain: