Back in January I told you that in 2012 I’d be taking the second-to-last “big ship” cruise to Antarctica. Two things in that statement turned out not to be true.

First, I’m not going. The cruise runs right through CES, and seeing how I’m the only DCRP employee, somebody needs to cover all the new products that will be announced at that time.

Second, while most cruise lines are no longer going to Antarctica anymore, Holland America and Celebrity are going again in late 2012/early 2013.

At first, we were looking at going on the Celebrity Antarctica cruise, because it 1) is at a perfect time (February, rather than early January) and 2) it’s half the price of the HAL cruise. The problem with the cruise is that it only goes down the right side of South America, leaving out the beautiful Chilean coast, not to mention going around Cape Horn!

Thankfully, Holland America’s cruise in 2013 will work! ┬áIt starts a few days after CES, so I should be able to get all my work done before I step on the plane (though I probably won’t actually go to the show). Not only does it go all the way around South America (with a few days in Antarctica) — it stops at more destinations, too. This will be my longest cruise ever, at 20 days!

January 2013 can’t come soon enough!