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Color and reality

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about color recently.  Not because I particularly want to, but because it’s been giving me some major headaches.  The problem I’m having is figuring out what is “real”.

For example, let’s say I take a photo of something with a digital camera.  I transfer that photo over to my computer and then put it on my website.  The problem arises when I compare the images in various ways:  on the camera’s LCD, in Photoshop, in Safari, in Firefox, in iPhoto, or on a PC — it never looks the same twice.  I know this has to do with color profiles and whether the software you’re using pays any attention to it.  For example, Safari pays attention to color profiles, while Firefox (by default) does not.

And here’s something else I don’t really understand.  My monitor is calibrated, so why should there be so much of a difference between sRGB and “monitor color”?

At some point I start to wonder: what did this object I photographed actually look like?   I get so caught up with the differences that sometimes I can’t remember.

Best friends


I remember a time when I thought that Zoe and Flame would never get along. I had adopted Flame from the shelter at which I volunteer, and for nearly two weeks, Zoe just wouldn’t have it.  Then, one day, something clicked — Zoe accepted that Flame was going to be living in the same house as her.  And, as they say, the rest is history. While Flame likes Zoe a lot more than the other way around, they get along very well, as you can see.

They look a little groggy (okay, very groggy), but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap that photo.

Foot puzzle

Last fall, when I bought new shoes, I noticed that the shoes felt tight on the right foot, but not on the  left.  I took a look and notice that my right foot was a little swollen, for no apparent reason.  I figured it was no big deal, and ignored it for a few months.  I started to become concerned when part of the outside of the foot were slightly numb.  If I rub the back of my heel, I’d get a sort of electric shock feeling in that area. There was also some mild bruising on the inside of the foot. I decided to go to the doctor.

My primary care physician had no idea what was going on, and he 1) sent me for x-rays and 2) referred me to a podiatrist.   Podiatrist #1 was fresh out of school and was clueless.  She did a 30 second exam and decided that I needed to wear a “boot” to rest my ankle. I wore the stupid boot (as I called it) for over a month, but there was no improvement.  So, I made another appointment, this time with the head of podiatry. This week I saw him, and he was puzzled as well. He even brought in another doctor to take a look.  They said that it seemed vascular, but that’s usually reserved for old people.  Last time I checked I was still healthy, and my blood sugar was normal as of last fall.

SO, they’ve now referred me to dermatology (yes, that seems weird to me too), and we’ll see what happens with that. Hopefully I’ll also get an MRI, as well.  In the meantime, why do I have the foot of a 70 year old man?

Mystery monkey

191906069v2_350x350_frontjpgThe other day I received a package from CafePress, which I wasn’t expecting. I open it up to find a framed print of a monkey with a red hat on.  I didn’t order it, and there was nothing inside the package indicating who it was from.  In fact, there wasn’t even a packing list or invoice in the box.  CafePress customer support has been useless so far, unable to tell me where it came from. Why they can’t look up the information by the shipping address is beyond me (I think they’re too lazy, personally).  In the meantime, does anyone want a print of a well-dressed monkey?

Kauai 2009

After three nights on Maui, it was time for three more on Kauai.  Flying between the islands isn’t as easy as it used to be. I seem to recall that you could once fly nonstop — now you have to change planes in Honolulu.

Here are all of my photos from the Garden Isle of Kauai!