Bathroom remodel time

I’ve been saving my pennies for a while now so I can finally get my late 70’s-style bathrooms remodeled.  First to go are the cabinets and countertops, with mirrors and lighting to follow. And then there’s the shower and tub, which is a whole other can of worms.

I was surprised by all of the junk that’s been collecting under my sinks. Who knew that I had so many bottles of Windex!

Here’s the “before” photo of the master bathroom sink area:

Same bathroom, mid-construction:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Doors on:


Done!!  Well, aside from the sink fiasco above.

Intuit: Master of Extortion

I knew this was coming based on recent usage of Quickbooks 2007… but here’s the letter I received from Intuit today:

This probably isn’t really extortion, but it sure feels like it. I now have to shell out $160 to buy a product I don’t want, so I can keep e-mailing invoices to advertisers.spesifikasi android

For what it’s worth, the reviews of QB2010 are lousy. Groan.

A new commitment

Back in September of 2008, I officially went on a diet. It went well for the first year, but then things started to come apart. I started to fall off the wagon, and not track my “points” for the week. I also started having problems with my foot, which kept me from going to the gym for awhile.  Frustrated with my health and life in general, I fell into the emotional eating trap, which is a recipe for trouble (no pun intended). My weight started to climb.  At the beginning of 2010, I got some bad news about my health which kept the emotional eating going.  I’ve gained back nearly half the weight that I spent a year losing.

I’ve decided that I have to make a big change, starting now.  I’ve got to get back on the diet train and start going to the gym regularly. I’ve found that waiting until the late afternoon to go creates too many opportunities to make excuses. Seeing how I’m self-employed, I’m not normally in a rush to get going. I’m going to set my alarm clock earlier, wake up and have a light breakfast while doing the morning e-mail and web surfing rounds, and then it’s off to the gym. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping to start doing tomorrow.  I’ll report back in a few weeks and we’ll see if that chart starts trending in the right direction again.


Yesterday I took my mom to the second round games of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in San Jose. Upon arriving, a guy walking the other way told me that they would not allow him to bring in his Nikon D-SLR, and that I’d likely have the same problem. I thanked him and figured that I’d try my luck.  I get to the ticket window and they looked at my camera (Nikon D300s with 17-55 lens attached, and 70-300 lens in a bag) and said “sorry sir, you cannot bring that inside, you’ll have to bring it back to your car.” When I told them my car was an hour train ride away, they escorted me to the guest services office.  I tried arguing (polietely) with them, but they said “if your lens extends and is longer htan six inches, it can’t come in.”  Seeing how I didn’t have any choice in the matter, I checked everything in and went to watch the first half of the Murray State vs Butler game.

Come halftime, my cell phone rings. It’s the office calling, saying that the manager (of the whole place, I think) said that I could have my camera and 17-55 mm lens back, but they were keeping the telephoto until the end of the game. I figured that I should take what I could get, and went and retrieved the camera.

So, here are my pictures from the two games, taken with the not-very-telephoto 17 – 55 mm lens. I was going to write the NCAA a nasty letter for having such a ridiculous restriction, but I figured I’d let them off the hook after they gave me my camera back.

Since it’s been a long time, a sunset photo

I used to take a lot more sunset photos, but haven’t seen many great ones recently. This evening’s was an exception. I especially like the reflection of the sun in the waves. Taken with the Sony Alpha streaming film Central Intelligence online