UK Trip 2007

UK 2007: Edinburgh (Part three)

Here’s the final installment of my Edinburgh photos. Enjoy!

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UK 2007: Edinburgh (Part two)

On my second day in Edinburgh I first went to the castle which makes the city
famous. After that there was plenty of walking around town, which hopefully
burned off some of the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars that I’d been eating all week.

Part two of my Edinburgh photos after the link.

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UK 2007: Edinburgh (Part one)

I’ve got so many photos from the fabulous city of Edinburgh that I have to
split them into three entries! They’re presented (more or less) in the order
in which they were taken, and forgive me if I forgot what the sights were called
— it was sort of a whirlwind trip.

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UK 2007: Rainy London

Well, here’s my London by day gallery — though it’s really off the beaten
track. On the day when I actually planned to see the sights, it just rained
all day, so I spent most of my time ducking into museums or drying off in my
hotel room. So, no Tower Bridge photos in this somewhat unusual London gallery.

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UK 2007: English Countryside

After my walk around Regents Park, I took the train out to Guildford to meet
my friend Simon, who also works for dpreview. We met up with his wife Claire
and young son Felix and went to the local pub. There I had a traditional English
lunch — meat, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding (which, incidentally, isn’t
really pudding). After that we hopped into the
car and toured around the beautiful Surrey and Sussex countryside, stopping
in some very old

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