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  • DCRP, dvspot have biggest months ever

    Posted on November 30th, 2003 Jeff Keller No comments

    If I had a dollar for every person who visited my two big sites, I’d be a wealthy man. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way (at least not yet, hee hee. Just kidding, I’m afraid).
    Anyhow, both of those sites had huge numbers for November. The DCRP served up 4 million pages to over 1.3 million visitors, and dvspot traffic went up like 25% over the previous month. All that click-based revenue is going to be awfully nice — when I’ll actually get paid is another story. I can’t even imagine what my hosting bill is going to look like.
    Anyhow, yay for me!

  • Candy for sale

    Posted on November 29th, 2003 Jeff Keller No comments

    Back on Halloween I bought a bunch of candy, just in case trick-or-treaters came by my new house. As it turns out, I left before it was dark, so I have no idea.
    Nevertheless, in the last month I’ve been working my way through the two bags, eating the things I like. That includes Crunch, Hershey’s (milk chocolate), and Krackel bars. So now I have two bags of candy I don’t want to eat lying around. Well, that’s not totally true — I do want to eat them, but I’m trying to show some restraint and only eat the really good stuff.
    I wonder if I can unload those two bags on eBay.

  • Who needs an SUV when you can have a TT?

    Posted on November 29th, 2003 Jeff Keller No comments

    I got a few strange looks on the drive back from the nursery today, with 4 trees sticking out of the back of my car. We had already filled my friend’s car, so mine hauled the rest of the load.
    We planted about 1/3 of the stuff we bought, but we ran out of sunlight. I’ll wait for things to dry out a bit (especially my lawn) before I finish the work. I’ll take some pictures then.

  • E-mail of the year

    Posted on November 27th, 2003 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    This one is a classic.
    I am a Chinese. Last Sunday I have bought a Digital Camera. But I don’t know how to say Digital in Chinese. Would give me an answer.
    Thank you.

  • Auto show pictures posted

    Posted on November 25th, 2003 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    Today dad and I went to the SF Int’l Auto Show. Check out the pictures.

  • Hey, they’re ruining my view!

    Posted on November 24th, 2003 Jeff Keller 4 comments

    I need to cut down that light post… it’s ruining my wonderful sunset view!

  • Final house update

    Posted on November 21st, 2003 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    I realized today that I never put up any pictures of my house since I moved in. So here they are, my final set of pictures. The whole process took six months, from signing the contract to getting my keys!
    I must admit that I find the Public Storage commercial with the new home inspection to be funny, in a creepy kind of way. I know my floor can’t collapse like that, but part of me keeps waiting for the walls to fall over.

  • Now we’re getting somewhere

    Posted on November 20th, 2003 Jeff Keller No comments

    While my battle with SBC is hopefully over, today I heard from somewhere there who will actually get things done. He’s in the customer appeals department, who was alerted to my situation in two ways:
    – The complaint I filed with the CA Public Utilities Commission
    – Someone saw my rant on my DCRP site and got a manager at SBC involved.
    So this guy is going to take care of everything to make sure I’m happy, even though I cancelled my DSL service. That includes getting credit back for all of their screw-ups. More on this story soon!
    In other news, it’s supposed to be really cold on Saturday. I guess I’ll find out just how cold it gets out here. Maybe I’ll even have to cover my plants.