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  • Picture of the day

    Posted on December 18th, 2003 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    (click for larger version)

    Taken on a camcorder (of all things) from the north side of the San Joaquin River, looking toward Antioch and Mt. Diablo.


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    • I liked that photo. Was it sunrise, or sunset? I don’t know the area, so what is the bridge in the distance? And is that white spot in the center a sailboat? Just curious.

    • The bridge is the Antioch bridge, linking Contra Costa County to Sacramento County. Driving over it is pretty scary — very narrow and very steep.
      The white thing is steam (I hope) from one of the many factories along the river.

    • Jessica Langston

      I love the picture of the sunset over the Antioch Bridge. I grew up in Oakley and now live in Sacramento. Would you mind if I use this picture as part of my presentation for school? I am doing a presentation on fishing in the CA delta and it would be great with my other slides. Please email me if you can and let me know