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  • Nobody likes being the first

    Posted on December 29th, 2003 Jeff Keller 5 comments

    These days, I’m not a fan of writing reviews of highly-anticipated digital cameras. And I really don’t like being the first one to review them. Some people are so loyal to their brand that you get raked over the coals if you say anything remotely negative. I know you’re not supposed to take these things personally, but it’s getting harder to ignore the personal insults that arrive in your e-mail box. This last happened about two months ago… and I fear that it may happen again this week. Sometimes I want to just write fluff reviews like the camera magazines…. but the advertisers don’t pay me enough for that.


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    • Dear Jeff,
      You smell funny. 😉
      Nice movie for the 828… woof!

    • Hold your line! I love your reviews because they are honest and candid. I never trust a review in a magazine because you know so much ad revenue is coming from the manufacturer. And I like the detail you go to in explaining every button and lever. Don’t let the insults bother your judgement. If someone didn’t do any research before tossing $1000 for the latest model, and then are disappointed, it’s not your fault. They should have waited and read your review.

    • Totally agree with Phil, Jeff. Your review carried far more weight for the same reasons.
      Feel free to quote my earlier comments.

    • I 3rd that 🙂 STICK TO YOUR GUNS!!!!

    • I guess being the 1st protects you from being swayed by other views.Your reviews are a public service and trust is the key word. Your skill and knowlege being honestly applied is all I could ask for. For this I thank you (again). I wonder if there are reviewers of reviewers ? Nah! just us the buying public. I am going to buy the Cannon A70 as it does all I want and then some. I am doing this based on your review.