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  • Frogs

    Posted on February 17th, 2004 Jeff Keller 4 comments

    It must be frog mating season, because if I step outside, I feel like I’m in a swamp somewhere (though my lawn does feel swampy after I water it). I’m pinned between two golf courses, which is where (I assume) the frogs are. In my previous entry, I mentioned how quiet it is in the house. Well, the frogs are so loud that I can hear them with all the doors and windows shut. Not that it’s a bad sound or anything — I kind of like it.
    Listen to the frogs (QuickTime, recorded in my backyard)


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    • Fogs…
      My mother buys these plants every year, caladiums I think, and the frogs hide in them. When I worked at Sea World in the water park, they used to lay their eggs in the wave pool. They were small enough so that the filter didn’t hurt them. (you’d think the cholrine would, though.) Every spring there were tadpoles swimming in all of the slash and kiddie pools.
      P.S. Thanks for the Pictures post. Yes, I am a very big fan of the pictures; I looked for months to find something of their quality. Can I shrink ’em and put ’em on my phone?

    • Oops! That should be SPLASH, not SLASH. Silly Sarah. Stop surfin’ when you’re at work!

    • I’m flattered that people get *so bored* at work that they come to read my blog!

    • Bored? Never. Chained to my desk waiting for the phone to stop ringing? Always. Ahhh, life as a tech support analyst.