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  • Rain delay

    Posted on February 20th, 2004 Jeff Keller 8 comments

    i was supposed to go to Southern California this weekend. One day was a trip to San Diego to visit my old haunts. Sunday was Disneyland, and Monday was to be spent hanging out with Jackson.
    Unfortunately the weather was not going to cooperate. With heavy rain and flood warnings in the forecast, I decided to postpone my trip a few weeks, hoping that the weather gets better. Unfortunately, I booked my hotel with Priceline… which is non-refundable. I guess it’s the price you have to pay for getting a cheap price on a hotel room.
    So hopefully I’ll try this trip again soon.
    Update: Looks like I made the right decision [link]


    8 responses to “Rain delay” RSS icon

    • If it doesn’t rain, you’re gonna kick yourself! 😉

    • You’re right — I hope it pours!!

    • Jeff, maybe it’s a chance to test that 33WR under rain? 🙂 I am about to buy this camera to my sister and I am still unsure whether you can use it *under rain while it’s raining*. I know it’s water resistant, but can it be used under something like rain(ing)?
      Just something to comment on your upcoming review 🙂
      – Raist

    • Funny that you ask, Raist, because last night I took my night shot in the rain! The camera worked as advertised!

    • So it is that it worked, or is that they actually say you can indeed use it under a pour of water over you? (i.e. Pentax officially endorses it?)
      I think from what you said the answer is yes, but pardon my English-not being my first language and I want to be double-plus-sure (hey, I know NewSpeak.. must be the current US government teaching me how to speak properly…).
      – Raist

    • BTW, … rain at night.. argh.. must have been BRRRR coolld! 🙂
      – Raist

    • The manual says:
      “it can be used without having to worry about exposure to rain or water splashes. The camera cannot be used underwater.”