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  • Decisions, decisions

    Posted on February 24th, 2004 Jeff Keller 8 comments

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    • Hey Jeff, I know you say in very simple terms you do not give recommendations to buy any camera, but do you think I should buy an F710, upgrading from an F700?
      Or… er.. wait…
      Ah, too much work… and I don’t want to blame myself for my own bad decisions…
      – Raist

    • What if people paid you for your recommendation? 🙂

    • Yeah Jeff, I think you nailed it. Joe Sixpack doesn’t want to have to think for himself when someone else can do it for him. Most people want the quick, easy answer. There are, of course, many who like to do their own research, but I think those people are way in the minority.
      ps- Raist stole my joke.

    • Yeah Jeff, why not offer a Paypal solution? 10-20 bucks a recommendation? You could make a simple outline of questions they need to answer and just throw out a camera name based on their answers. Throw in a disclaimer about how you can’t be held responsible if they don’t like your recommendation, and you’re all set. Sooner or later the camera companies will be paying you even more to recommend their cameras! Who knows.

    • I’ve been thinking about that for a long time, Casey. Not sure what the community reaction would be, though.

    • I don’t think that’s a very good idea…it would put your integrity as an unbiased reviewer into question, and you’d lose the respect of your fellow reviewers on the net.

    • Here’s the community reaction:
      “Wow Jeff Keller is now SELLING recommendations. This is why he is so biased that he said Brand Z was crappy. Now I understand, it all becomes clear…”
      So Go for it! er.. umm… no. 🙂
      Something that might work: an automated “guided advisor.” But it would take someone entering a database of camera capabilities from different brands.
      @ Steve – Besides I don’t know what the big fuzz of people is, because we all know that my F700 camera rox0rs over everybody else’s * cough * * cough SR * range * not * as * expected* cough* .. ah.. sorry.. sore throat.
      – Raist

    • Wasn’t this the april fool’s page 2 years ago?