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  • Goodbye, cool phone

    Posted on January 30th, 2005 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    Just a few weeks ago I raved about my cool new Bluetooth phone. Well, it’s going back to Cingular along with their crappy service. In the last two weeks I’ve had more dropped calls and network busy errors than I had in 2 years with Verizon. I can’t even take the major road to the freeway without the call dropping. What’ s the point of having a cool phone if you can’t complete a call?
    So I’m going to go back to Verizon and hope that they get their act together and come out with a real phone with Bluetooth. They insist that the V710 will be updated soon with better Bluetooth features. We’ll see.


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    • Hey Jeff,
      I am a cell phone techie freak. I use T-mobile (GSM service rocks!) with the Nokia 6600, which utilizes Bluetooth. My coverage is amazing, and you can’t beat the rates. Plus, the beauty of GSM technology, is if you don’t like the phones offered by provider, you can always get any GSM phone you want (provided it’s unlocked…which is easy to have done).
      Sony Ericssons are famous for the horrible reception. My advice is to find either a Nokia, or a Samsung with bluetooth. Both these brands of phones are known for their excellent reception. I realize that your providers coverage does play a large part, but so does the phone. Let me know if you’d like any assistance in choosing the best phone!

    • My wife is on Cingular and started having similar issues after she upgraded to a GSM phone. In a 5 mile drive, she and I would get dropped 3 times. The reason we were told is that in some of the outlying areas the service hardware has not been upgraded to GSM from the old. So when driving around and you switch between the towers the old hardware cannot pass off a GSM signal to the closer tower. They said that the issue should be resolved in about 1 – 2 years. Even if she stayed with her old phone, she would have had to upgrade anyway. So when we are in town we just live with it, but we do have have any issue when we go into Tulsa (OK) for the day.