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  • I love Santa Barbara

    Posted on May 30th, 2005 Jeff Keller 4 comments

    If I was a lot richer this is where I’d want to live. It’s darn close to perfect. Click the link below to see some pictures from around town. They were taken with the Canon EOS-20D.

    This weekend has pretty much been “hang out with family and the dog time”, though Sunday night my friend Ashley and I saw Star Wars Ep. 3. And we liked it! Way better than the first two.

    Tomorrow (well, today now) is Disneyland!

    These fern-like trees with purple flowers are amazing. Anyone know what they’re

    This nice old theater is being redone

    Jackson: Even cute when he’s squinting

    Hanging outside the Three Dog Bakery

    Part of a shopping center

    Such a nice beach!

    Those are the Channel Islands in the distance

    One more Jackson shot for good measure

    I always like shots like this


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    • I love this dog (and I have a pretty cute dog myself)! Such a cutie. Great photos, hopefully I’ll make it to Santa Barbara one day. Looks like a gorgeous place!

    • The blue tree is a Jacaranda. When I first moved to Phoenix I was listening to a garden show where the question was about a Jacaranda tree. The host said “and Tom wants to know how much to water his ‘Hack-a-ran-da’ tree. One of the panel member corrected him to “jack-a-ran-da” tree. The host, whose name was Jack, said “No, I looked it up and it is pronounced jack-a-ran-da.” The panel member resonded “O.K. Hack, have it your way.”
      I, too, love Santa Barbara. I grew up about 40 miles southeast (Santa Paula), and have vacationed in Santa Barbara several times. And when I went to UC Berkeley, I used catch the SP Daylight in Santa Barbara for the trip to San Francisco. I trust the big Morton Fig Tree is still standing near the train station.

    • Thanks Phil! I just knew that someone would know what that tree was. I wonder if they grow in northern california? I’ve never seen one there.

    • We have this tree here in Brazil, and the name is pronounced “jack-a-ran-da”