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  • Sticker shock

    Posted on September 26th, 2005 Jeff Keller 3 comments

    I spent nearly the entire day in Oakland watching inspectors check out my new house. The sellers had a pest report done and it totaled a little over $4000, which isn’t bad for a 24 year old house. But the real shocker came this morning when the general inspector was looking at the balcony in the front of the house (you can see it in the frontal picture of the house below). Not only is the decking material rotted, but the main support beam is so rotted out that he was able to put his screwdriver all the way into the wood! This is very bad, and is a safety issue. If the deck fails, it’s a 40 foot drop to your death below. The seller’s pathetic pest inspector did not find this problem — and it was very obvious, even to me. The estimate for repairing this deck: $20,000.
    Yes, twenty thousand dollars. Unless I bolt the door to the deck shut, this repair is mandatory. Since the seller and especially their inspector really screwed up, we’re going to try to get as much money back on this as possible. If they don’t give us anything I will bail out, but we’re not anticipating this, as the people in the backup position will find out about it too.
    There’s also about $2000-$3000 worth of roof repairs due once again to — you guessed it — the incompetence of the previous roofers.
    Aside from that the news is good. The foundation is fine, as is the drainage, plumbing, and electrical stuff. The wood shingles on the side of the house will need to be replaced in a few years.
    Other things that will be done include new bathroom floors (mandatory), a new toilet (I might as well replace the other one too since they’re ripping out the floor anyway), and something to keep my car from scraping its way up the driveway (yes, it can be done!).
    All-in-all I expect to drop five figures worth of money into initial upgrades, which sounds like a lot, but I was expecting to spend a bunch. The good news is that we didn’t have any REALLY expensive problems, like foundation or drainage problems. One of the inspectors said that it would cost about $50,000 to fix a drainage problem if I had one (I don’t).
    Anyhow, we’ll find out in a few days how much money I’ll get back from the seller on that deck problem…


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    • When i clicked one of your links a popup appeared that i am the 50 000 000 th visitor. I dont know which site.
      I clicked some links but nothing happened.
      Does that belong to you? 🙂

    • Nope, that is fake pop-up!
      It is just a internet trick!
      Hope the beam supporter will repair soon.

    • Jeff,
      Good thing you had the inspections done! You could have taken it in the shorts if you hadn’t. Hope things go well with the previous owners.