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  • Tired and sore

    Posted on October 17th, 2005 Jeff Keller 2 comments

    I have spent the last five days of my life trying to get my new house into “move in condition” since the previous owners left it pretty nasty. I’ve gotta tell you, I’m in pain tonight… and I never want to see spackle, blue tape, or a paintbrush again. I’m taking tomorrow “off” so I can rest and catch up on my real work.
    The house was buzzing with activity today. At one point I had three different contractors there are the same time. The first contractor started taking by balcony apart, and all I have to say is YIKES that’s some scary dry rot (my picture came out blurry, will reshoot on Weds). I’m told that it will take at least two weeks for the new balcony to be built.
    The second contractor was the roofer — there were five of them going at it at one point. $2600 later my roof is how it was supposed to be when they put the roof in 5 years ago… plus they cleaned out the gutters and repaired some downspouts.
    Finally I had a brief visit from an electrician to go over a few easy things that need to be done. This work won’t actually happen for a few weeks.
    Surprises of the day: Microwave hood may not fit over the range. Dryer may not fit in the laundry closet. And I saw a baby snake! It was the size of a worm but it definitely moved like a snake, and his little tongue was going too! Pretty neat…
    Oh and one other thing. I’ve met my neighbors on both sides and they seem like very nice people. I wish people were that welcoming when I moved to Brentwood! One of the neighbors actually built his own observatory… yes, a domed building with a 12″ telescope inside it! Pretty crazy hobby if you ask me!
    It’ll be interested when I actually get settled over there… it’s very quiet during the day and at night all you hear are the sounds of nature.


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