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  • Watch your step

    Posted on October 19th, 2005 Jeff Keller 1 comment

    The rotting balcony turned out to be even worse than anyone thought. Another one of the beams (not seen in those pictures) is rotten, and it too will need to be replaced. They’ve basically ripped up the balcony and the areas under the support beams, and they may have to remove the sub-floor in my dining room as well. An engineer is coming out tomorrow to see how they can keep the house from falling over while they replace those beams. I’m sure they can do it, I just hope it stays on budget, as this is already expensive enough.
    Another problem cropped up today, and this one is man-made. I tried to be clever and avoid painting the very high (25 ft) walls in the solarium/loft area by matching the existing paint. Turns out that they aren’t even close to matching, and now my walls are two-toned. Since myself nor my dad (who has been helping me with all this) want to be on the top end of a 20 foot ladder, I’m going to call some real painters tomorrow to see what it’ll cost to have this all done.
    In happier news, my roof repairs were done yesterday and that went just fine. And it only cost me $2600!


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    • Jeff: many years ago I watched a guy paint a two story wall without a ladder. He had a roller on a telesoping pole, just kept extending the pole, and moving the paint tray further away! Good Luck!