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  • Possible kitty adoption?

    Posted on October 30th, 2005 Jeff Keller 4 comments

    As it turns out, my realtor is also a big animal lover, and her neighbor (a large animal vet) just happens to have a kitten that needs adopting. Apparently this woman found the kitten up at the stables where her horse is boarded. It was apparently abandoned and it was very skinny and hungry. She eventually took it home and now it’s a healthy, happy, and hungry kitty.
    My realtor, for some reason, thought that I’d be a good candidate for adopting this cat because I’m “a very nice guy and very responsible (ha!)” so she put me in touch with the foster mom. So sometime in the middle of the week I’m going to see this cat for myself to see how we get along.
    All I know so far is that it’s 6 or 7 months old, female, just got “fixed”, has up-to-date shots, and is VERY loving (quite a change from the cats I grew up with). It’s a siamese/tabby mix and it has the trademark siamese blue eyes, but not the siamese attitude and finicky appetite.
    Naturally I’ll take some pictures when I see the cat this week… and if I do adopt it I may need some help naming it, since it doesn’t have a name yet!


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    • Hey Jeff – don’t you have a cat already? If so, be really wary of adding a new kitten with an older single cat. Apparently this can be a really bad combo especially if the cats are the same gender. I had a very unfortunate experience doing just that. My older cat never accepted kitten, they endless fought for the first 1.5 years, even though each have very gentle personalities. Eventually the health of the older cat was ruined. I guess this was an extreme experience, but Iā€™m told it does happen sometimes when adding a new young cat with an older, single cat.

    • We have two cats and they are so nice to have. The best thing about cats in general is that they pretty much take care of themselves. Cant wait to see the pictures.

    • Aron — nope, I don’t have one. My parents have a cat (the black and white one) that I’ve mentioned before, but no cats live in my house that I’m aware of!

    • I have two kittys and they are my therapy. There is nothing better than coming home to someone who loves you and rewards your attention with purring. šŸ™‚